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Free Registry Fix: Version 5.6
Released: 12th July, 2012.
Size: 2,800 KB
Platform: Windows XP,Me, 98, 95,NT, 2000 and now Windows VISTA and Windows 7 (32 Bit and 64 Bit) Compatible
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We have been successfully providing excellent PC maintenance and registry fixing solutions with Microsoft Certified Tech support since 2002. Enjoy your complimentary download under no obligations from a trusted partner.

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User Feedback
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"I was helped tremendously by your support team and in particular, Brian. He was very professional and went, in my opinion, above and beyond his duty to help me get through the installation, scanning and fixing problems that I was having. Without his help I could not have done it and I am completely satisfied with his support."
Bill Thomas - 5/11/2010
"I would like to commend your support staff for their professional approach resolving the PC registry issues I had.
I believe Colin with his on line expert analysis and repair of my PC's viability and the re-installation of your " free registry fix" software did a superior job, along with Franks initial support assistance."
Otto Etter - 10/10/2010
"Within the last few days, i had a problem with my computer freezing on a very regular basis. I had the opportunity to work with one of your technicians. His name is Frank. he was very professional and handles my problem quickly and efficiently. He knew exactly what to do and even ran most of the tools he needed remotely which speed the process up even more.
I am very satisfied now that my computer no longer freezes, and runs a little faster as well."
Thanks for all your help!
Michael Datre - 10/9/2010
"Hi Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful support I received from your Microsoft Live Tech Support Service. Your Technician, Tony accessed by remote and fixed all of the problems I was experiencing with my PC. It was great just to sit back and watch him find and solve the problems. I was certainly impressed and would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and colleagues."
Dorothy Butler - 14/8/2010
"My PC was acting strange so I contacted FRF Free Registry Fix Support which was a benefit that came with owning a copy of FRF. A Gentleman named Alan answered my call 4 help and remotely accessed my PC, I watched this man 4 around 1 hour go thru my PC with a fine tooth comb finding and getting rid of all my problems that existed. Now my PC is the super fast beast it always should have been all thanx 2 FRF and Colin, thanku and may u b blessed by the gods 4 all eternity. Best investment i ever made was purchasing Free Registry Fix."
Happy Customer, RIK
"I recently purchased Free Registry Fix from Promosoft Corporation because my computer was running frustratingly slow with frequent non-responsive programs occurring. I chose Free Registry Fix after comparing it to several other similar offers but Free Registry Fix has the best price and outstanding support. After using the product for about 2 weeks I noticed that every time I ran the scan I was getting the same problems showing up so I contacted support and Brian, an expert Microsoft engineer efficiently resolved all the problems and now my product runs perfectly. I would highly recommend Free Registry Fix to anyone seeking this type of product."
Randy Selnes
Alberta, Canada - 2/4/2010